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Preston, Claire Professors The literary writing of science 1580-1730; Sir Thomas Browne; word and image relations 1500-1700; American literature; Philip Sidney and the Sidney circle; early-modern epistolarity English Staff
James, David Readers Contemporary fiction and life-writing; Modernist narrative; Affect theory and the poetics of emotion; Literary geographies; Questions of form and histories of reading English Staff
Rolfe, Kirsty Academic Staff Jacobean and Caroline literature and culture; Print history; Early modern information networks; Memory; Early modern religion and politics English Staff
price, kitt Senior Lecturer Science and Literature; poetry 1900 to the Present; Modernism and the middlebrow; popular print culture English Staff
Dima, Mariza Postdoctoral Researcher Interaction design; Experiential collaborative Design; Design-led Audience Research; Design for embodiment/engagement; Haptic interaction English Staff
Ingleby, Matthew Lecturers London, especially Bloomsbury; Seaside resorts, especially Margate; Cities in fiction (and early film), 1800-1930; Theories of space, spatial practice and spatial representation; The Victorian novel; Early twentieth-century fiction English Staff
Macdonald, Molly Lecturers Twentieth-century Literature; literary and critical theory; continental philosophy; psychoanalysis English Staff
Shiach, Morag Professors Late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century cultural history English Staff
McCracken, Scott Professors Modernist Literature; Dorothy Richardson; Popular Fiction; Critical Theory; Walter Benjamin English Staff
Terracciano, Alda Postdoctoral Researcher English Staff
Howes, Hetta Lecturers Late-medieval devotional literature, Women’s writings in Middle English, Medieval lyrics & The cultural and literary history of water English Staff
Ahmed, Rehana Senior Lecturer Postcolonial and world literature and culture; British Muslim, British Asian and South Asian literature and culture; multiculturalism; literary controversies English Staff
Schwarz, Bill Professors Caribbean writing; Postcolonial; twentieth-century British history English Staff
Gilmour, Rachael Senior Lecturer Colonial and postcolonial literature and theory; African literary and cultural studies; Colonialism, postcolonialism, and linguistic thought; Black British and British Asian writing; Language politics and literary translingualism English Staff
Fleming, Katherine Lecturers The classical tradition; antiquity in modern intellectual thought English Staff
Finn, Howard Academic Staff Modernist literature; Post-war British novel; Critical theory; International cinema and film theory English Staff
Clemit, Pamela Professors English literature of the late 18th and early 19th centuries; The Godwin-Shelley family of writers; The 1790s; The literature of English religious nonconformity; Letters, journals, and autobiographical writings; Editing and editorial theory; The political novel English Staff
Charlton, Ed Lecturers South African literary culture, The Contemporary City (particularly Johannesburg and London), Creative non-fiction writing, Autobiography (confession and testimonial modes of representation) and Melancholy. English Staff
Newns, Lucinda Lecturers Postcolonial and world literatures; Migration and diaspora; Feminist theory, especially as it relates to race and religion; Domesticity and the everyday; Literary geographies; Muslim women’s writing English Staff
McBean, Sam Lecturers Sexuality and gender; Feminist theory; Queer theory; Contemporary literature; Feminist and queer new media cultures; Affect and digital technologies English Staff
Whitehouse, Tessa Senior Lecturer Eighteenth-century literature; book history; letters; life writing English Staff
Whitehead, Clare Academic Staff Jacobean and Caroline literature and culture, Early modern afterlives, Early modern gender studies, Royal and court studies and Performance histories English Staff
Valman, Nadia Readers Victorian literature; Jewish writing and writing about Jews; literature and London English Staff
Reynolds, Margaret Professors C18-C21 literature; poetry; the imagination of adoption English Staff
Taylor, Barbara Professors The British Enlightenment; Feminist Thought; Theories and Histories of Subjectivity English Staff
Reid, Christopher Professors Eighteenth-century studies; political rhetoric and oratory English Staff
Raymond, Joad Professors Early modern literature and history; cheap print; history of news communication; Milton English Staff
Poore, Benjamin Academic Staff Psychoanalysis and Modernism; Anglo-Indian Modernism; The politics of English studies; Critical Theory English Staff
Phillips, Harriet Postdoctoral Researcher Sir Thomas Browne English Staff
Moss, Rhiannon Academic Staff Twentieth century Irish writing; Modernism; Politics of literary form English Staff
Maxwell, Catherine Professors C19 poetry and prose; gender, sexuality, and vision in C19 literature English Staff
Mauger, Matthew Lecturers C18-19 British Literature; enlightenment legal writing English Staff
Howarth, Peter Senior Lecturer Modern poetry; literary theory; aesthetics and politics English Staff
Hiatt, Alfred Readers Spatial representation, especially the history of cartography; forgery and historical writing; the medieval reception of classical texts English Staff
Hamilton, Paul Professors Romanticism in Britain and Europe; philosophy, political theory, and literature English Staff
Halliday, Sam Senior Lecturer 19th and early-20th century American literature; history of science and technology English Staff
Dawson, Benjamin Lecturers Romanticism and Classical German Philosophy (esp. Hegel); Relations between knowledge, media and power, 1750-1950; Concepts and procedures of measurement English Staff
Auger, Peter Postdoctoral Researcher Renaissance and comparative literature, especially poetry; Relations between English, Scottish and French literature; Literary translation and imitation, and reading practices; Religious Writing; Manuscript and textual studies English Staff
Atkin, Tamara Senior Lecturer Late medieval and early renaissance literature, especially drama; histories of reading and the book English Staff
Barrett, Michèle Professors Virginia Woolf; First World War; literary and cultural theory English Staff
Boffey, Julia Professors Late medieval and early sixteenth-century literature; medieval lyrics; manuscript production and early printing; literary production and reception in late medieval London; editing English Staff
Brotton, Jerry Professors Renaissance intellectual and cultural history; early modern literature English Staff
Coulton, Richard Lecturers Eighteenth-century literature and culture English Staff
Currie, Mark Professors Theory of narrative; philosophy of time; contemporary fiction; literary and cultural theory English Staff
Ahnert, Ruth Senior Lecturer Tudor literature and culture; prison writing; religious history; letters; network theory English Staff
Boutcher, Warren Professors Interdisciplinary history of ideas; early modern European literature English Staff
Vigus, James Senior Lecturer European Romanticism; philosophy and literature; dissent in the long eighteenth century English Staff
Ellis, Markman Professors Eighteenth-Century Studies English Staff
Duff, David Professors Romantic poetry and prose; Shelley and his circle; The 1790s; Literary theory, especially theories of genre, intertextuality and influence ; History of the book English Staff
Rivers, Isabel Professors Dissenting, Methodist and Evangelical Literary Culture; Intellectual and Religious History; History of the Book – 1660-1830 English Staff
Hobson, Suzanne Senior Lecturer British and American modernism; critical and literary theory; literature and religion English Staff
Colclough, David Professors Early modern literature, political thought, and religion English Staff
Rudy, Susan Professors Contemporary poetry, Feminist and queer theory and Experimental writing by women. English Staff
Rubery, Matthew Readers Victorian literature, media, and reading practices. English Staff
van der Vlies, Andrew Readers South African and postcolonial literatures and cultural studies; contemporary anglophone writing; ‘History of the Book’ English Staff
Brady, Andrea Professors Early Modern and Contemporary Poetry English Staff
Atia, Nadia Lecturers First World War writing; Iraqi literatures and cultural history; travel and other life writing. English Staff
Rajsic, Jaclyn Lecturers Genealogies and rolls; Brut chronicles and related histories; Materiality, manuscript studies, and the history of the book; The French of England and medieval multilingualism; The circulation of ‘English’ texts and manuscripts across the Channel; Medieval perceptions of the past; Imagined genealogies, geographies and communities English Staff
Bari, Shahidha Senior Lecturer Romantic poetry; clothes and dress; objects; continental philosophy; literary theory; psychoanalysis; art; architecture English Staff
Marsh, Huw Lecturers Contemporary fiction; twentieth-century fiction; Comedy, especially literary comedy; the theory and philosophy of comedy; Canonicity; The historical novel; Narrative English Staff
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