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Your application will be assessed by a member of the Department who will refer to your UCAS form.

We typically require at least 3 A-levels at AAB-ABB grades. A typical offer would be made to a student with AAB grades although we review every application carefully to consider whether we think our course is suitable for you.

On this page you can find information about standard offers given to students with the British and Irish qualifications below. Students with qualifications from other countries should consult the main Queen Mary pages.

GCE A-Level (A2)

A standard offer would be ABB - AAB from three A2 subjects, with at least an A in one Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences subject. We do not consider grades achieved in General Studies or Critical Thinking when calculating UCAS scores.


International and European Baccalaureate

Both the International and European Baccalaureate are acceptable on their own and combined with other qualifications. For the International Baccalaureate we typically require 34 points overall with 6, 6, 5, with six points in an Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences subject at Higher Level. For the European Baccalaureate you must achieve 80% with at least 8 out of 10 in English/Drama.


Access to HE Diploma

If you are a mature student with no formal qualifications appropriate to the degree you wish to study you are required to pass an Access Course in a Social Sciences, Humanities or Cultural Studies programme. You must achieve the Access to HE Diploma with 60 credits, including 45 at level 3, including 15 at Distinction and 15 at Merit.. You must obtain at least 6 level 3 credits in in an Arts and Humanities subjects at Distinction. Kite-Marked or Open College Network validated courses will be considered, but they must be in an Arts and Humanities related discipline, and include a subject relevant component at A-Level standard.


Welsh Baccalaureate (WB)

We will make alternative offers to those students taking the WB core (worth 120 points) and three A Levels e.g. ABB/AAB with an A in English Literature A level or AB with an A in English Literature A level and WB core with at least B if graded otherwise just a pass required.


Scottish Framework Qualifications

A typical offer would be ABB-AAB including A in an Advanced Higher, in an Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences subject.


Irish Leaving Certificate

AAABBB at Higher Level including A1 in Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences subject.


AVCE Vocational A-Levels

We may accept AVCE A-Levels, or AVCE double award, provided you also achieve a grade A or above in Drama or Theatre Studies, English Literature, or a cognate subject at A2. We typically require a total of 320-340 UCAS points.


BTEC Diploma/Extended Diploma

The Diploma is acceptable only when combined with an A level in an Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences subject. We require an overall Double Award of DM.
The E
xtended Diploma is acceptable on its own and combined with other qualifications. For the Extended Diploma on its own, we require DDD overall.


Advanced Diploma

At least an A, plus an A in Drama or Theatre Studies A Level.


Degree transfers

At the Admissions Tutor's discretion, we may accept transfers into the second year of Drama and Joint Honours courses. We do not accept transfers into the final year of any of our courses. To be considered for transfer, you must have successfully completed your first year with marks in the 2:1 range. You’ll also need to provide a reference from a tutor at your current university. If your application is successful you will be credited for the first year courses you took elsewhere.

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