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Professor Susan Rudy, Honours BA (Wilfrid Laurier), MA (New Brunswick), PhD (York)


Senior Research Fellow



Although I have been based in London since 2011, my career was established in Canada where I served as a Professor of English (1988-2014) and Head of Department (2003-2008) at the University of Calgary. In London, I have held Senior Research Fellowships at the Gender Institute, London School of Economics (2012) and the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London (2012-2013). In 2012, I was appointed Director of the Rhodes Project, a London-based charity and research centre founded to work toward gender equality. Subsequent qualitative research on Rhodes women’s life and career history data led me to collaborate with a colleague at Said Business School, University of Oxford, where I was elected to the position of Visiting Scholar in 2014. I joined Queen Mary as a Senior Research Fellow in August 2016.


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Photograph by Honza Cervenka


Research Interests:

My key research interests are:

• Contemporary poetry
• Feminist and queer theory
• Experimental writing by women


Recent and On-Going Research

I have been writing, editing, and publishing in the areas of contemporary poetry and feminist theory since the 1980s. I am the author or editor of four books and many journal articles and book chapters. My current book project, entitled Poetries of Enactment: Contemporary Innovative Writing in English by Women in Europe and North America, includes chapters on the work of Caroline Bergvall, Erín Moure, and Lisa Robertson.  Other current projects include a book chapter entitled “Feeling queer and speculative before the work of Fred Wah: On what moves us and the question of ‘women’s’ archives,” to be included in Moving (Literary) Archives, edited by Linda Morra and forthcoming in 2017 with Wilfrid Laurier University Press in Canada.  I am also preparing to interview Andrea Brady, my new colleague at Queen Mary, for an article I would like to write on the exploration of alternative femininities in her work.  

My scholarly interest in contemporary poetry arose out of my very early publications as a poet. While studying early modern literature for an MA at the University of New Brunswick, I applied for and was accepted into a poetry summer school led by English Department’s visiting writer -- the Jewish-Canadian poet Eli Mandel, a Professor of English at Toronto’s York University. Mandel’s encouragement of my writing and enthusiasm about his home Department changed my life and I soon found myself studying for a PhD in contemporary Canadian literature amongst the lively community of poet-critics and feminist theorists that had formed in 1980s Toronto around the journals Open Letter and Tessera.

The completion of my York PhD (1988) was preceded by the birth of my first daughter (1986), at which point I turned my professional attention toward the establishment of a track record as a literary critic.  My early interest in writing poetry led, however, to a lifelong desire to engage with poets and to think about poetry as a writing practice. I have thus been an active participant in dialogues around poetry and I continue to engage in community-building work with other writers, academics, and critics. I curate Conversations about Innovative Aesthetics, Feminism, Racism and the Future on Facebook and am working with Dr Georgina Colby, University of Westminster, to establish an Experimental Women’s Writing Salon (with accompanying website) at Queen Mary.  I look forward to linking both of these initiatives to Queen Mary’s Centre for Poetry.



Recent Articles and Book Chapters

Public Engagement

The New Statesman blogs
Rudy, Susan. 2016. Can we celebrate all who identify as women on International Women’s Day? The New Statesman. 8 March.  [Accessed 19 May 2016.]
Rudy, Susan. 2016.  What does Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign tell us about gender equality today? The New Statesman. 16 February. [Accessed 19 May 2016.]

Debate at the Oxford Union
Rudy, Susan, Amanda Poole, Josh Levs.  2015.  Member, winning team arguing against the proposition that feminism needs to be rebranded.  Featured event at the Power Shift: Women in the World Economy.  Said Business School, University of Oxford. [Accessed 23 May 2016]

Other Contributions to Digital Culture / Engagement with Artists and Writers
Rudy, Susan. 2010. Editor, compiler, webmaster. The Fred Wah Digital Archive. Accessed 8 April 2011. [, accessed 08 April 2011.] This site has been rebuilt as [Accessed 21 September 2016.]

Recent Public Lectures
Contemporary Innovative Poetry Seminar, Institute for English Studies, University of London (2013)
Hall-Carpenter Archives, London School of Economics (2013)
Contemporary Innovative Poetry Seminar, Institute for English Studies, University of London (2012)
Gender Institute, London School of Economics (2012)

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