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'Hold for Three', a new play heading for Edinburgh

Thursday 1 May 2014

Hold for Three, a play written by, directed by, and starring some of QM's finest, is heading to Edinburgh this Summer. 

In advance of Edinburgh, it's on at the Oxford House Theatre on the 30th May. Tickets for the 30th are £5; to book please contact Follow @holdforthree for updates.


The comedy is based around three characters stuck in a lift, all slowly revealing their quirky and flamboyant characteristics, which made the show a joy to create, let alone watch as a member of the audience. Although set in a claustrophobic setting, the show is far from being static. With salsa dancing, a bottle of vodka and an elusive member of the cast, the dialogue is witty and will have audience members rolling in the aisles, thanks to a fantastic cast. 


"Flawless in both acting and writing alike #HOLDFOR3"

"Hilarious from start to finish with an amazingly funny and witty script, brilliantly delivered by a superb cast #HOLDFOR3"

"#HOLDFOR3 is literally the funniest play I have seen for ages! Such a clever script and top-notch actors."

"#holdfor3 made me do a v. unattractive snort/laugh/honk more than once - unapologetically silly, a whole lot of fun and perfectly presented."

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