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'Multilingualism and Literature in the Classroom'

Monday 5 August 2013

Multilingualism and Literature in the Classroom is an exciting, on-going collaborative project exploring the relationship between multilingualism and the teaching of English.

The project, which has received funding from QM Innovations, sees Rachael Gilmour, from the Department of English, working with writers and with secondary school students and teachers from St Paul's Way and Morpeth School in Tower Hamlets, the UK's most linguistically diverse borough.

Two workshops with English teachers have already taken place, with a further workshop scheduled for September. These workshops foster discussion about how multilingualism in the classroom presents both challenges to, and resources for, the teaching of English literature. There will follow a series of workshops to give local school pupils the opportunity to talk, read, and write about their own multilingual families and communities. Pupils will be joined by published writers - including the poet Daljit Nagra - and student volunteers from Queen Mary.

Results and resources from the workshops will be published in online open-access format on our website, for use by teachers and academics at secondary, tertiary, and university levels.

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