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SED Success in National Student Survey (NSS) 2014

The School of English and Drama is delighted and excited by the recent results in the National Student Survey of student satisfaction.

14 August 2014

We are committed to making sure that all students on our degree programmes have a full and enriching experience on their degree, and we are delighted to see that commitment reflected in these result.

The results mean that for English we are in the top ten and for Drama we are the number one university within London and within the Russell Group.


Overall satisfaction with the programme:

W400 BA in Drama: 96%

Q300 BA in English: 94%

QW34 English and Drama: 100%

Satisfaction with the teaching on our courses:

W400 BA in Drama: 100%

Q300 BA in English: 97%

QW34 English and Drama: 100%

Satisfaction with Assessment and Feedback:

W400 BA in Drama: 85% – up 14% on last year

Q300 BA in English: 79% – up 8% on last year

QW34 English and Drama: 87% – up 13% on last year

These substantial rises in student satisfaction with our assessment and feedback practices are particularly pleasing. We know that this is a key concern for students, and we are glad that our improvements in this area have been recognized by students.

It was also a good year for the Students’ Union, where our students experienced much higher levels of satisfaction (up 8% in Drama, 11% in English, and 11% in English and Drama).


Overall, these are great results, and we are enormously pleased that our students are satisfied with the programmes. Most of all though, we want our courses to stretch students’ imagination, to make them sharp and critical thinkers, to enhance their writing and performance skills, and to prepare them for the world.

More about the NSS survey if you don’t already know about it. All final year students are asked to complete the survey, anonymously, in the final semester of their degree. They are asked a series of questions about their level of satisfaction with their experience over the whole degree: including the teaching they have received, the organization of the programmes, the assessment procedures, and overall satisfaction. The NSS is conducted by Ipsos MORI for HEFCE, the government agency for universities.



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