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Plenary and Keynote Presentations

NameTitle of PresentationEventDate
Christopher Reid sedmiddleParliamentary Voices: Speaking and Reporting in the House of Commons 1750-1800Voices and Books 1500-1800, British Library11/11/2014
Rehana Ahmed and Anshuman Mondal sedmodernWriting with Liberty: Literary Controversies and the Responsibilities of Writers and ReadersWriting for Liberty, Lancaster University17/04/2015
Warren Boutcher sedearlyPlenary lectureMontaigne in England and Scotland conference, Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, University of Durham06/11/2015
Warren Boutcher sedearlyPlenary responseThe Balzan Project ‘Literature as an object of knowledge’, University of Oslo12/09/2013
Christopher Reid sedmiddleA Unitarian at Trinity: Robert Garnham (1753-1802) and the Politics of Late Eighteenth-Century CambridgeDr Williams’s Centre for Dissenting Studies, Seminar Series12/06/2013
Christopher Reid sedmiddleReconstructing Parliamentary Performance 1760-1800International Society for the History of Rhetoric conference, Chicago17/07/2013
Shahidha Bari sedmiddleNew Ways of ThinkingThe Hay Philosophy Festival25/05/2009
John Barrell sedmiddleThe History, Theory, and Culture of RoadsUniversity of Cork02/05/2013
John Barrell sedmiddleThomas PennantCentre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth08/06/2013
Julia Boffey sedearlyChaucer’s Lyrics: “many a song and many a lecherous lay”Annual Kent Chaucer Lecture16/05/2014
Julia Boffey sedearlyNote all old English Mss are very valuableThe John Rylands Library, Manchester University17/09/2009
Julia Boffey sedearlyBanking on Translation: English Printers and Continental TextsThe Medieval Translator international conference, University of Padua24/07/2010
Julia Boffey sedearlyLate Medieval Books Inside and Outside LondonUniversity of Leicester18/03/2010
Andrea Brady sedearlySpectres, Superstition, and Popular Literature in Britain, 1640-1660Gothic Renaissance, University of Cologne04/12/2009
Jerry Brotton sedearlyWorkshopThe Uses of Evidence, Sussex University16/06/2009
Jerry Brotton sedearlyThe Country and the City, the Map and the WorldRaymond Williams Memorial Lecture, Hay-on-Wye Festival30/05/2010
Jerry Brotton sedearlyWorld Maps and the Dawn of GlobalisationBritish Library04/05/2010
Jerry Brotton sedearlyMapping the GlobeRoyal Geographical Society27/09/2010
Jerry Brotton sedearlyShakespeare’s IslamShakespeare’s Imagined Orient conference, American University of Beirut04/05/2011
Jerry Brotton sedearlyThe Cartographic Rhetoric of GlobalismSociety of Cartographers, UCL04/09/2012
Suzanne Hobson sedmodernRadical Unorthodoxy: Mary Butts and H.D.’s Hellenistic FictionWomen Modernists and Spirituality Symposium, University of Stirling22/05/2014
Suzanne Hobson sedmodernThe Ethics of Unbelief in Modernist FictionTradition and/or Modernity Literary, Historical and Cultural Perspectives (1660-1940), Radboud University, Nijmegen26/05/2016
Mark Currie sedmodernMetafiction and the Passage of TimeFiction on Fiction Conference, Crassh, University of Cambridge16/04/2011
Mark Currie sedmodernTheoretical Approaches to the UnforeseeableUncertainty Conference, University of London11/06/2011
Mark Currie sedmodernMemory in the Future TenseThe Future of Memory, University of Roehampton29/10/2011
Mark Currie sedmodernCreativity and Literary TheoryRecreating English, Open University15/03/2013
Mark Currie sedmodernSome Surprising Things about the Future AnteriorTemporality Workshop, University of Portsmouth29/05/2013
Mark Currie sedmodernA Trace of the FutureTraces Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London14/06/2013
Markman Ellis sedmiddleInvited workshop participant on 'Sensibility’Yale Centre for British Art, Yale University, New Haven, CT07/06/2009
Markman Ellis sedmiddleThe Circulation and Organization of Montagu’s Letters in her LifetimeEditing Enlightenment Letters: Elizabeth Montagu’s Correspondence, Huntington Library, Pasadena, CA13/04/2012
Markman Ellis sedmiddleReading Practices in Elizabeth Montagu’s Epistolary Network of the 1750sVanderbilt University, 18th and 19th Century Research Colloquium24/02/2012
Markman Ellis sedmiddleReading in the Elizabeth Montagu Circle’Voices in Dialogue': Ideational Production and Reception of Women's Writing in Europe, European COST Action IS 0901 Women Writers In History, Chawton House Library03/11/2011
Markman Ellis sedmiddleSamuel Scott’s London ShoreLiterary London, Institute of English Studies, University of London22/07/2011
Markman Ellis sedmiddleWhat is Cultural History?Angles: Birkbeck Postgraduate Conference, Birkbeck University of London15/06/2010
Markman Ellis sedmiddleEncounters, Affinities, LegaciesThe Eighteenth Century in the Present Day Conference, University of York28/06/2013
Rachael Gilmour sedmodern"Sight, sounds and meaning": 1970s black British poetry and its ‘arc to the future’An Arc to the Future: Preserving and Promoting Orature in the South African Literary Imaginary, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa09/11/2015
Rachael Gilmour sedmodern“When brain meet book it dread”: Postcolonial Linguistics as Language Activism in 1980s Britain’Colonial and Postcolonial Linguistics, University of Bremen03/09/2013
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle"Realpoetik": Revolution by Other Means in European Romantic Restoration ThoughtRepublican Exchanges, c. 1550-1850, University of Newcastle17/07/2009
Paul Hamilton sedmiddleBeyond Words: the Ambition of Romantic ManifestosApril Conference Thirteen: Beyond Words: Crossing borders in English Studies, Jagiellon University, Krakòw, Poland24/04/2014
Paul Hamilton sedmiddlePlenaryRomanticism and the Future, House of Arts and Letters, Paphos, Cyprus24/10/2014
Paul Hamilton sedmiddleThe aesthetic humanism of Felicia HemansCentro di Studi Romantica, University of Bologna24/10/2015
Paul Hamilton sedmiddlePlenaryRomanticism and Responsibility: Concepts, Debates and Actions in Europe and Its Colonies, 1770s to 1830s, University of Cyprus03/09/2010
Paul Hamilton sedmiddleRomantic OccasionalismInformal Romanticism, Center for Advanced Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München08/09/2011
Paul Hamilton sedmiddleFuture RestorationBARS conference, University of Southampton27/07/2013
Paul Hamilton sedmiddleExceptionsThe Long 20th Century, Goldsmiths College, University of London18/09/2013
Alfred Hiatt sedearlyLes espaces du passé au Moyen Age (Spaces of the Past in the Middle Ages)Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris01/03/2014
Alfred Hiatt sedearlyLand not yet: From terra incognita to Terra AustralisPerceptions of Terra Australis, Network for Early European Research Symposium, Perth, Australia12/06/2009
Alfred Hiatt sedearlyCartographical Sources between the Middle Ages and ModernityFondazione Centro Studi sulla Civiltà del Tardo Medioevo, San Miniato, Italy08/09/2010
Alfred Hiatt sedearlyMaps of Empires PastPost-Empire Imaginaries? Anglophone Literature, History and the Demise of Empires, ASNEL/GNEL Annual Conference, University of Bern19/05/2012
Peter Howarth sedmodernIn Concert WithPoetry and Collaboration in the Age of Modernism, Trinity College Dublin01/07/2015
Peter Howarth sedmodernEnvironmentalism and Performance TheoryAssociation of Arts of the Present (ASAP) conference, Trier, Germany29/10/2010
David James sedmodernDissident Elegy: From Conrad to CoetzeeModernism and Life Writing, University of Zurich06/12/2014
David James sedmodernDecentring EnglishnessState of Britain: Representing / Writing Britain in the 20th and 21st Centuries, Société d'Etudes Anglaises Contemporaines, Université Paris Diderot24/10/2014
David James sedmodernWorldly LocalismsBloomsbury C21 Writings Conference, Brighton10/04/2014
David James sedmodern“Twisted Surfaces and Turned-Out Membranes”: Externalism TodayWyndham Lewis: Networks, Dialogues, and Communities, Institute of English Studies, University of London30/11/2012
David James sedmodernNovel Geographies at Mid-CenturySpace: From Theory to Practice, Birkbeck, University of London16/11/2012
David James sedmodernTeaching the When without Forgetting the HowHigher Education Academy: Teaching Post-Millennial Literature, Brighton University02/07/2012
David James sedmodernWounding the Contemporary NovelHumanities Research Centre Symposium, Keele University12/06/2013
David James sedmodernForm, Periodicity, and Contemporary FictionModern and Contemporary Novel Subject Day, Prince’s Teaching Institute and Pimlico Academy, London02/02/2013
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddleScent, Aestheticism, DecadenceThe Affective Turn Symposium, Royal College of Art21/02/2014
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddleCarnal Flowers, Charnel Flowers: Perfume in the Decadent Literary ImaginationDecadence and the Senses Conference, Goldsmiths, London10/04/2014
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddleMichael Field's Fragrant ImaginationMichael Field Centenary Conference, IES, London11/07/2014
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddlePerfumed Melodies: Tracking Literary Scent Memory from Shakespeare to Michael FieldFeeling for the Past: Remembering though the Senses Conference, Sorbonne Nouvelle 310/10/2014
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddleScents and Sensibility: The Fragrance of DecadenceDecadent Poetics, Exeter University01/07/2011
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddleThe Pleasures of MelancholyPoetry and Melancholy, Stirling University07/07/2011
Catherine MaxwellState of the Discipline: Victorian LiteratureNineteenth Century Studies Postgraduate Conference, IES sedmiddle20/04/2013
Margaret Reynolds sedmiddle sedmodernFrom Sappho to X…Monash University, Melbourne, Australia21/09/2010
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleInterpreting the Bible in eighteenth-century EnglandThe Bible in Art, Music and Literature Seminar, Trinity College, Oxford19/10/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleHow evangelicals in the long eighteenth century transformed practical works by two late Stuart clergymen, William Beveridge and Benjamin JenksConcepts of Knowledge in the Late Seventeenth Century: Thomas Plume in Context, Centre for Bibliographical Studies at the University of Essex26/09/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleReligious publishing and religious booksAHRC/RSE Colloquium on Literary Commerce, University of Edinburgh20/07/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleAdvice about Religious ReadingReligion and Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century: approaches to genre, form, and reading practice, Chawton House, Hampshire15/05/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleThe Library of the Methodist Editor and Tutor Thomas Jackson, donated in 1859 to the Wesleyan Theological Institution, RichmondLibraries in the Community, Queen Mary University of London24/01/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleApproaches and questions for scholars of religion and literature: A personal viewReading, Writing and Religion 1660-1830 Colloquium, Queen Mary University of London07/12/2013
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleWilliam Law and Religious RevivalConference on Transformations: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Religion, Texts, Cultures, at the UCLA Center for 17th- and 18th- Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Library, Los Angeles30/09/2005
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleAutobiographical Reflections on MethodAHRC/ESRC Religion & Society Programme and NORFACE Research Programme, Innovative Methods in the Study of Religion Conference29/03/2010
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleHenry Scougal’s The Life of God in the Soul of Man: The Fortunes of a BookConference on L’héritage judeo-chrétien dans la culture et la civilisation anglo-américaine des XVII et XVIIIème siècles of the Société d’études anglo-américaines des XVII et XVIIIème siècles, Sorbonne, Paris24/11/2006
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleTheology, Philosophy and Religion at Eighteenth-Century Dissenting AcademiesConference on Religion and the Enlightenment, the Center for the Study of Religion, Princeton University12/04/2007
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleJohn Wesley’s Editions of Devotional WritersWesley Historical Society and World Methodist Historical Society Conference, Sarum College, Salisbury01/04/2008
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleWhat Religious History and Book History can Learn from each otherThe History of the Book: Culture, Community, Criticism, Chetham’s Library, Manchester21/01/2010
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleThe Pilgrim’s Progress in the Evangelical RevivalInternational John Bunyan Society - Sixth Triennial Conference, Keele26/07/2010
Isabel Rivers sedmiddlePhilip Doddridge’s New Testament: The Family Expositor (1739-56)God’s Word in English conference, Antwerp & Leuven25/03/2011
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleThe Pilgrim’s Progress in the evangelical revivalSussex Centre for Intellectual History21/11/2011
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleThomas Jackson (1783–1873), Methodist Editor, Biographer, and TutorAnnual John Wesley lecture, Lincoln College, Oxford24/05/2012
Isabel Rivers sedmiddleThe Study of Religious Writing and Religious Education from the Perspective of a Literary and Intellectual HistorianReligion and the Idea of a Research University Conference, Clare College, Cambridge04/04/2013
Matthew Rubery sedmiddleWhat is the History of Audiobooks?Books and/as New Media symposia held at Harvard and the University of Edinburgh09/07/2015
Matthew Rubery sedmiddleCan a Book Talk?Art in Translation conference, University of Iceland and Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavík, Iceland18/09/2014
Matthew Rubery sedmiddleThomas Edison’s Poetry MachineLondon Nineteenth Century Seminar Graduate Conference26/04/2014
Matthew Rubery sedmiddleHow to Read a Talking BookLiterature, Media, and Sound conference, Aarhus University, Denmark29/11/2013
Matthew Rubery sedmiddleReading on the Move after 1877in:flux 1845-1945: A Century in Motion postgraduate conference, University of Birmingham27/07/2013
Matthew Rubery sedmiddleLiterature Out Loud: Using Audio Resources in the ClassroomWho are the Victorians? Constructions of Identity in the Nineteenth Century postgraduate conference, University of Leeds06/09/2008
Matthew Rubery sedmiddleCanned Literature: The Book after EdisonVictorian Media Conference, Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada26/04/2012
Matthew Rubery sedmiddleTBCLiterature, Media, and Sound conference, Aarhus University, Denmark28/11/2013
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle"London Horrors": Investigative Journalism in the 19th CenturyTwelfth Annual Literary London Conference, Institute of English Studies, University of London19/07/2013
Bill Schwarz sedmodernDecolonization and postcolonial historyCultures of Decolonization, 1945-1970, Institute of Commonwealth Studies30/05/2012
Bill Schwarz sedmodernMemory in the epoch of colonizationEuropean Memory Network, Stavanger University12/12/2012
Bill Schwarz sedmodernJames Baldwin nowJames Baldwin II: His Times, Our Times, Suffolk University, Boston21/03/2009
Bill Schwarz sedmodernJames Baldwin and Black PowerInternationalising Black Power, Centre for Caribbean Thought, Department of Government, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica22/02/2007
Bill Schwarz sedmodernThe present uses of the PastRaphael Samuel History Centre, QMUL05/03/2013
Bill Schwarz sedmodernThe 1905 Aliens ActPears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism, Birkbeck College12/02/2013
Bill Schwarz sedmodernShadows of DisorderIn the Shadow of Empire: The present Imperial Imaginaries of London and Paris, Department of Film and Television, Warwick University17/05/2008
Morag Shiach sedmodernEnhancing Teaching and Learning through a Research-Rich EnvironmentNeil Stewart Associates’ Conference, Maintaining Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, London26/05/2010
Morag Shiach sedmodernCan the Public University be SavedWarwick Higher Education Summit28/01/2012
Morag Shiach sedmodernLabour Material and ImmaterialWork Ethics: Rethinking Literary Labour in the Long Nineteenth Century, Cambridge06/10/2012
Morag Shiach sedmodernCreative Economy in Perspective: Creative HubsABRAPCORP Conference (Communication, Creative Economy, and Organisations), Sao Paulo, Brazil17/05/2016
Morag Shiach sedmodernImmaterial Labour and the Work of LiteratureAustralasian Modernist Studies Network, Sydney29/04/2016
Nadia Valman sedmiddle sedmodernFighting Together for a Better Past: The Story of Cable StreetPears Institute for Study of Antisemitism, Birkbeck, London10/10/2011
Nadia Valman sedmiddle sedmodernThe Virtuous JewessInstitute of Germanic Studies, London07/07/2011
Andrew van der Vlies sedmodernJ.M. Coetzee is BoredGlobal Modernism Conference, Ithaca College, Ithaca NY04/04/2014
Andrew van der Vlies sedmodernBoundaries, Bonds(wo)men, and Literary Cyborgs: Adoption and the Politics of Translation in a Contemporary South African NovelBonds & Boundaries Conference, UCL Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry Postgraduate Conference, University College London19/06/2015
Andrew van der Vlies sedmodernOn Loose Ends: Futurity, Banality, and the Situation in Contemporary South African WritingReflections on the Study of South African Literature: A Colloquium, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, SA23/04/2012
James Vigus sedmiddle‘Conscience is God’: Macbeth and Coleridge’s Translation of WallensteinColeridge the Shakespearean, Halsway24/08/2014
James Vigus sedmiddlePitchforked chaos or mosaic method? Coleridge’s philosophical sourcesDiffractions: Researching into sources, influences, interactions in literature and philosophy, Italian Department, Warwick11/03/2014
James Vigus sedmiddleDie Aktualitaet der RomantikFriedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena09/12/2010
James Vigus sedmiddleThat which people do trample upon must be thy food: The Animal Creation in The Journal of George FoxEthical Perspectives on Animals, LMU Munich06/10/2011
James Vigus sedmiddleThe ‘owlet atheism’ in 1790s EnglandI filosofi e il libero pensiero (secoli XVII-XVIII), Naples17/10/2013
James Vigus sedmiddleLiterary Reporter or Dissenting Autobiographer? Editing Henry Crabb RobinsonResearch Seminar on Early Modern Britain (17th & 18th Centuries), Aix-Marseille Université31/03/2014
James Vigus sedmiddle'Do Friends allow puns': Lamb on Quakers, Language and SilenceCharles Lamb Society Lecture31/03/2012
James Vigus sedmiddleThe 'Kantian Gospel' from Crabb Robinson to ColeridgeImpact of Idealism, Magdalene College, Cambridge08/09/2012
James Vigus sedmiddleWordsworth’s ‘Poetic Quakerism’Romantic Realignments seminar, Oxford28/02/2013
Clair Wills sedmodernInventing and Reinventing the Irish WomanUCD10/10/2008
Clair Wills sedmodernRealism and the Irish ImmigrantInternational Association for the Study of Irish Literature, NUI Maynooth28/07/2010
Clair Wills sedmodernThe Best are Leaving: The Contents and Discontents of Irish Emigration in the 1950sCanadian Association of Irish Studies, St Mary’s University, Halifax22/05/2010
Clair Wills sedmodernIf Yeats had Saved his pencil lead/Would certain men have stayed in bed?Carole and Gordon Segal Lecture, Northwestern University04/05/2010
Clair Wills sedmodernDocumentary Fiction and Irish LabourUniversity of Notre Dame31/03/2011
Clair Wills sedmodernElizabeth Bowen in the 1950sBowen/Trevor Summer School, Cork, Ireland17/07/2011
Clair Wills sedmodernGuest LectureIASIL Japan Bi-Annual Conference, Kyoto, Japan09/10/2011
Clair Wills sedmodernPlenaryA Symposium in Honour of Siobhan Kilfeather29/06/2012
Joad Raymond sedearlySent abroad to lie: International News and Libel in C17th Britain and EuropeNews in Early Modern Europe, University of Sussex07/06/2012
Joad Raymond sedearlyBeing sent abroad to lie: International Dimensions of LibelingLibel: Discourses and Practices in Early Modern Britain and Europe, c.1500-1800, Rutgers University21/04/2012
Joad Raymond sedearlyPlenaryPedlars, Pamphlets and the Popular Press, Utrecht15-16/06/2010
Joad Raymond sedearlyRoundtable: Perceptions of the media in the early modern periodPerception, Reception: The History of the Media in Society, Aberystwyth04/07/2013
Joad Raymond sedearlyOn Pamphlets and other PapersBaroque and Communication, the University of Seville18/11/2009
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