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Recent Research Awards

NameProjectAmount and Source of AwardStart DateDate
Rehana Ahmed sedmodernMuslims Writing Britain and Beyond: Faith, Class and Multicultural Politics£48,062, Early Career Research Fellowship, Arts and Humanities Research Council, Teesside University01/09/2011September 2011-May 2012
Peter Howarth sedmodern £44,994, Leverhulme Research Fellowship01/01/20142014
Peter Howarth sedmodern £10,000, National Teaching Fellowship01/01/20122012
Peter Howarth sedmodernArchival research in Moore archive, Rosenbach Museum, Philadelphia, and Pacifica Radio archives, Los Angeles£1524, British Academy Small Grant01/01/20102010
Andrea Brady sedmodernGlobe Road Poetry Festival£10,386, Arts Council England01/11/2015June 2015-November 2015
Andrea Brady sedmodernResearch Fellowshipc. £45,000, Leverhulme Trust01/06/2015June – November 2015
Andrea Brady sedmodernGlobe Road Poetry Festival£16,000, QMUL Centre for Public Engagement01/10/20141 September 2014 – 1 September 2015
Andrea Brady sedmodernCollaborative Doctoral Award: British Poetry in Performance, 1960-presentc. £50,000, in partnership with Steve Cleary, Sound Archive, British Library01/06/20141 June 2014 – 30 November 2015
Andrea Brady sedmodernArchive of the Now£7040, QMUL Innovation Fund01/10/2008October 2008-October 2012
Andrea Brady sedmodernArchive of the Now£8730, QMUL Centre for Public Engagement01/09/2013September 2013-June 2014
Andrea Brady sedmodernArchive of the Now£6500, Westfield Trust01/08/2010August 2010-August 2011
Andrea Brady sedmodernBarque Press£12,600, Arts Council01/06/2005June 2005-December 2006
van der Vlies, Andrew and Dr Deborah Seddon sedmodernAn Arc to the Future: Preserving and Promoting Orature in the South African Literary Imaginary£74,000, British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship31/01/2015March 2015-March 2017
Barrett, Michèle sedmodernImperial War Graves, 1918-1939£3,941, British Academy01/02/2007February 2007-December 2007
Rivers, Isabel sedmiddleVisiting Fellowship 2005-06: Alison Searle£20,515, Leverhulme Trust01/01/2006January-June 2006
Preston, Claire sedearlyThe Complete Works of Sir Thomas Browne£929,000, AHRC Research Grant01/02/2013February 2013- February 2018
Boffey, Julia sedearly Huntington Library Fellowship01/04/2016April 2016
Boffey, Julia sedearlyVisiting Fellowship: Stephanie Downes£7, 500, British Academy/Leverhulme Trust01/08/2010August 2010-February 2011
Boffey, Julia sedearlyManuscript and printed books in London c. 1475-1530£46,483, British Academy Senior Research Fellowship01/01/2010January 2010-February 2011
Boutcher, Warren sedearlyTranslation and the making of early modern English print culture (1473-1660)£10,000, Canadian Social Sciences and Research Council Research Programme01/01/20142014
Atkin, Tamara sedearlyFor work on current book project, 'Drama, Reading and the Invention of the Literary in Tudor England' (forthcoming with Ashgate)Bibliographic Society of America Fellowship01/01/20152016
Atkin, Tamara sedearlyFor work on current book project, 'Drama, Reading and the Invention of the Literary in Tudor England' (forthcoming with Ashgate)Folger Library Short Term Fellowship01/01/20152016
Atkin, Tamara sedearlyFor work on current book project, 'Drama, Reading and the Invention of the Literary in Tudor England' (forthcoming with Ashgate)Huntington Library Short Term Fellowship01/01/20152016
Atkin, Tamara sedearlyFor work on current book project, 'Drama, Reading and the Invention of the Literary in Tudor England' (forthcoming with Ashgate)Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship01/01/20152016
Boutcher, Warren sedearlyAttending Renaissance Society of America Conference, Los Angeles£500, British Academy Overseas Conference Grant01/01/20092009
Boutcher, Warren sedearlyThe School of Montaigne: Rethinking the Origins of the Modern Critical Reader£5,000, University of London01/05/2007May 2007-March 2008
Brotton, Jerry sedearlyShakespeare in the Early Modern Global World£15,301, AHRC Research Leave Scheme01/09/2006Septepmber 2006-June 2007
Brotton, Jerry sedearlyMapping the Globe£26,533, AHRC Research Leave Scheme01/09/2010September 2010-December 2010
Colclough, David sedearlyFrancis Bacon’s New Atlantis: a scholarly edition£15,301, AHRC Research Leave Scheme01/09/2006September 2006-December 2006
Colclough, David sedearlyJohn Donne’s Sermons£18,172, AHRC Research Leave Scheme01/09/2010September 2010-December 2010
Ellis, Markman sedmiddleThe Social Space of Criticism in Mid Eighteenth-Century London£24,321, Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship01/12/2006December 2006-June 2008
Ellis, Markman sedmiddleSalon Sociability in the Montagu CorrespondenceMayer Fellowship, Huntington Library California01/03/2007March 2007-May 2007
Ellis, Markman sedmiddleThe Letter and the Salon$5000 Drake Fellowship, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN01/03/2012March 2012
Hiatt, Alfred sedearlyDislocations: reading medieval maps£15,934, Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship01/02/2012February 2012-June 2012
Hiatt, Alfred sedearlyCartography between Europe and the Islamic World, 1100-1600£44,567, Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant01/09/2013September 2013-2015
Maxwell, Catherine sedmiddleResearch Leave Award to complete monograph, The Female Sublime from Milton to Swinburne: Bearing Blindness (MUP, 2001)AHRB01/09/1999Autumn 1999
Maxwell, Catherine sedmiddleScents and Sensibility: Perfume in Victorian Literary Culture£105,812, Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship01/09/2014September 2014-August 2016
Maxwell, Catherine sedmiddleResearch Leave Award to complete monograph Second Sight: The Visionary Imagination in Late Victorian Literature (MUP, 2008)£28,477, AHRC01/01/2007January 2007-October 2007
Rivers, Isabel sedmiddleDissenting Academy Libraries and their Readers, 1720-1860£366,269 AHRC01/06/2009June 2009-June 2011
Rivers, Isabel sedmiddleA History of the Dissenting Academies in the British Isles, 1660-1860£247,173 Leverhulme Trust (including £108,663 to the Sussex Centre for Intellectual History)01/06/2008June 2008-November 2011
Rivers, Isabel sedmiddlePrivate Books for Educational Use - the Formation of the Northern Congregational College Library£95,821 AHRC01/03/2012March 2012-February 2013
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddleThe Untold Story of the Talking Book£38,169, American Academy of Arts and Sciences Visiting Scholarship01/09/2011August 2011-April 2012
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities Funding Award01/01/20142014
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship01/01/20142014
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship01/01/20142014
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellowship01/01/20142014
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Wellcome Trust Small Grant for the Medical Humanities01/01/20132013
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Bibliographical Society of America-Mercantile Library Fellowship in North American Bibliography01/01/20132013
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Edison Fellowship at the British Library01/01/20122012
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Leverhulme Research Fellowship01/01/20122012
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle American Academy of Arts and Sciences Visiting Scholar01/01/20112011
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Research Leave Award01/01/20082008
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Oregon State University Center for the Humanities Visiting Research Fellowship01/09/20112008
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddle Dean’s Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities (University of Pennsylvania)01/09/20112004
Rubery, Matthew sedmiddleThe Untold Story of the Talking Book£38,681, Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship01/05/2012May 2012-February 2013
Schwarz, Bill sedmodernVisions of black: How Britons came to know US civil rights£30,262, AHRC01/08/2008August 2008-June 2009
Schwarz, Bill sedmodernCaribbean Literature after Independence£1,026, British Academy01/09/2006September 2006-April 2007
Schwarz, Bill (with Kaplan, Cora) sedmodernJames Baldwin: Work, Life and LegaciesInternational Conference supported by: Arts Council of England, British Academy, European Collegium for African-American Research, Ford Foundation, Institute for the Study of the Americas, Westfield Trust01/06/2007June 2007
Shiach, Morag sedmodern2006 Fellowship£30,000, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education01/07/2006July 2006-February 2008
Shiach, Morag sedmodernCreativeworks London (PI)£4 million, AHRC01/01/20122012-2016
Shiach, Morag sedmodernLondon Creative and Digital Fusion (CI)£670,000, ERDF01/01/20122012-2015
Shiach, Morag sedmodernCreative Economy Showcase (PI)£18,500, AHRC01/01/20142014
Shiach, Morag sedmodernCreative Hubs and Urban Development Goals (UK/Brazil) (PI)£80,000, AHRC01/01/20162016-17
Shiach, Morag sedmodernSocial Change and Creativity (Brazil) (PI)£225,000, AHRC/Newton Fund01/01/20152015-16
van der Vlies, Andrew sedmodernThe Postcolonial Obscene: ethics, aesthetics, & “obscenity” in contemporary South African literary and performance cultures£6,857, British Academy Small Research Grant01/06/2009June 2009-May 2011
van der Vlies, Andrew sedmodernOn Hope and Disappointment in Contemporary South African Literature and Art£44,547, Leverhulme Trust01/09/2013September 2013-August 2014
Wills, Clair sedmodernThe Vanished Generation: Irish literature and emigration in the 1940s and 1950s£32,216, British Academy Senior Research Fellowship01/07/2006July 2006-Febaury 2008
Wills, Clair sedmodernThe Irish in Britain: A Social and Cultural History£158,480, Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship1/10/2010October 2010-September 2013
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