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NameProject TitleYear of AwardSupervisor(s)
Mitchell, Peter'The Centre of the Muniment': The India Office Records and the Historiography of Early Modern Empire, 1875-18912014Brotton, Jerry sedearly
Niall GildeaIACOBVM DERRIDA: Jacques Derrida’s “Cambridge Affair”2015Paul Hamilton and Mark Currie sedmodern
Helen TysonReading the Reader: Modernist Literature and Psychoanalysis2015Jacqueline Rose sedmodern
Angell, Katherine'The Concept of Monstrosity in Nineteenth-Century Medicine and Popular Culture'2013Halliday, Sam sedmiddle
Atty, Judith'All ment to one volume': Edmund Spenser's Complaints (1591) and its Sources and Models2013Boutcher, Warren sedearly
Awais-Dean, Natasha'Bejewelled: the male body and adornment in early modern England'2012Welch, Evelyn sedearly
Merchant, Eleanor'"Doctissimus pater pastorum": Laurence Humphrey and Reformed Humanist Education in Mid-Tudor England'2013Boutcher, Warren sedearly
Poore, BenjaminReading James Joyce in Lahore: Masud Khan's Modernism2015Jacqueline Rose sedmodern
Whitehead, ClarePerforming for the King, 1603-16052014Warren Boutcher sedearly
Gage, JillMy Schoolfellows, My Patrons, My Public: English Schoolboy Authorship 1730-18002015Markman Ellis and Chris Reid sedmiddle
Foley, Lawrence“The Last Serious Thing”: Modernist Responses to the Bullfight2015Morag Shiach sedmodern
Kitching, MeganNatural Order in Eighteenth-Century Philosophical Poems2015Anne Janowitz sedmiddle
Parkinson, Tom'The Unpublished Latin Manuscripts of Fynes Moryson'2011Boutcher, Warren sedearly
Hansen-Miller, David'The Discursive Significance of Violence: An Analysis of Four Popular Twentieth-Century Films'2005Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Loughran, Tracey'Shell-Shock in First World War Britain: An Intellectual and Medical History, c.1860-1920'2006Barrett, Michèle; Pick, Daniel sedmodern
Baillie, Amber'Reading Acts of Narrative Appropriation: Four Instances of Fraudulent Memoir'2009Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Jain, Anurag'The Relationship between Ford, Kipling, Conan Doyle, Wells and British Propaganda of the First World War'2009Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Atia, Nadia'War in the Cradle of Civilization: British Perceptions of Mesopotamia, 1907-1921'2010Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Banerjee, Sheela'The Modernist Ghost: The Supernatural and Spectral in T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf'2011Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Poller, Jake'"Dangerously far advanced into the darkness": The Place of Mysticism in the Life and Work of Aldous Huxley'2011Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Robertson, ElizabethRemember This?: Family, History and the Nature of Historical Consciousness in Stephen Poliakoff's Dramas 1974-20112014Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Tosh, WillTestimonies of Affection and Dispatches of Intelligence: The Letters of Anthony Bacon 1558-16012014Colclough, David sedearly
Burley, Alice'Literary Diffusionism in the Age of Modernism: 1914-1937'2012Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Brunton, Elizabeth'The Other 'Lost Generation': Infant Death in Texts by Joyce, H.D., Hemingway and Rhys'2012Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Walker, Victoria'The Fiction of Anna Kavan (1901-1968)'2012Barrett, Michèle sedmodern
Lewis, Lucy'British Boethianism, 1380-1436'2000Boffey, Julia sedearly
Johnson, Jacqui'Elysabeth ye Quene: Understanding Representations of Elysabeth of York in the Tudor Period, 1485-1603'2010Boffey, Julia sedearly
Wheare, Michael'"The meane peoples capacite": Writing Readers in Early Print'2010Boffey, Julia sedearly
Ellis, Rob'"Verba Vana": Empty Words in Ricardian London'2012Boffey, Julia sedearly
Williams, Jane'A Late-Medieval Family and its Archive: The Forsters of London, c.1440-c.1550'2012Boffey, Julia sedearly
Gonzalez, Ana'Thomas Traherne and Seventeenth-Century Religious Discourse: Felicity, Government, Conversation, and Friendship'2004Boutcher, Warren sedearly
O'Mahoney, Katherine'"I Shall Goe Gather Flowers and then You'll Weepe": Self-Murder in Early Modern Drama'2005Boutcher, Warren sedearly
Finch, Matt'Ernst Gombrich and the memory of Aby Warburg: Emotion, Identity, and Scholarship'2007Boutcher, Warren sedearly
Dandridge, Ross'Anti-Quack Literature in Early Stuart England'2012Boutcher, Warren sedearly
Willey, Stephen'Bob Cobbing 1950-1978: Performance, Poetry and the Institution'2012Brady, Andrea; Howarth, Peter sedmodern
Solnick, Sam'Poetry in the Anthropocene: Ecology, Biology and Technology in the work of Ted Hughes, J. H. Prynne and Derek Mahon'2013Howarth, Peter sedmodern
Meshkat, Kurosh'Sir Anthony Sherley's Journey to Persia, 1598 – 1599'2013Brotton, Jerry sedearly
Gordon, Colette'The Play of Credit in Shakespearean Comedy'2009Brotton, Jerry sedearly
Diamond, KatherineThe Production, Transmission and Reception of "The Principal Navigations"2013Brotton, Jerry sedearly
Cox, Rosanna'John Milton and Reading Like a Man'2006Colclough, David sedearly
Reardon, Maria'The Manuscript Miscellany in Early Stuart England: A Study of British Library, Manuscript Additional 22601 and Related Texts'2007Colclough, David sedearly
Cowser, Steven'The Politics of Sacred History in 'Eikonklastes', 'Paradise Lost' and 'Paradise Regain'd''2012Colclough, David sedearly
Hildyard, Daisy'The work of Robert Hooke'2013Ellis, Markman sedearly
Arndt, Ava'Pennies, pounds, and Peregrinations: Circulation in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture'1999Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Cary, Brycchan'The Rhetoric of Sensibility: Argument, Sentiment, and Slavery in the Late-Eighteenth Century'2000Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Barker, Carol'"To Suffice to Herself": Female Self-Sufficiency in the Work of Women Writers, 1740-1840'2002Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Batchelor, Jennie'Dress, Distress, and Desire: Clothing and Sentimental Literature'2002Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Coulton, Richard'Curiosity, Commerce and Conversation in the Writing of London Horticulturists during the Early-Eighteenth Century'2005Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Hiatt, Megan'Domestic Regulation: The Marriage Act of 1753 and the Language of Nuptial Reform'2007Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Tsai, Li Hui'Women, Autobiography, and Criticism: The Life Writing of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Robinson, 1770-2009'2009Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Watkins, Annie'Richardson, Barbauld, and the Construction of an Early Modern Fan Club'2011Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Chenkin, Jenn'The Purse Proud Title-page Monger': Representations of London Booksellers and the Social World of Print, 1730-17602012Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Warner, Ahren'Contradictions in Coherence: Three Poets and the Poetics of the Commodity as Fetish'2012Fleming, Katherine sedmodern
Howell, Peter'Transparency and Obscurantism: An 'Archaeology' of Political Discourse in 1790s Britain'2002Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Jordan, Susanna'The Authority of the invisible: An Interpretation of the Aesthetics of Burke, Kant, Coleridge, and Shelley'2002Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Gwee, Li Sui'Ages of Newtonian Space: The Discursive Influence of a Scientific Idea in the Poetry of Blackmore, Pope, and Novalis'2003Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Swift, Simon'The Needs of Reason: Anthropological Expression and Enlightenment Rationality in Rousseau, Kant, and Wollstonecraft2003Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Farag, Joseph'Write of Return: The Palestinian Short Story in Exile'2013Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Ffytche, Matt'Unconcious Foundations: Schelling, Freud, and the Equivocation of the Liberal Psyche'2004Hamilton, Paul; Rose, Jacqueline sedmiddle sedmodern
Rolfe, KirstyLetters of Elizabeth Stuart2014Jerry Brotton sedearly
Jones, PeterDisowned Relations: Social Exploratory Literature and London's Unsettling Streets, 1838-19142014Sam Halliday and Markman Ellis sedmiddle
Waters, RobImagining Britain through Radical Blackness: Race, America and the End of Empire2014Bill Schwarz sedmodern
Williams, ThomasSocial Observation in the Poetry of John Clare2014Andrew Lincoln sedmiddle
Stanyon, MirandaThe Tumult of the Choir the Wrath of the Organ: Musical Sublimes in English and German Literature2014Anne Janowitz sedmiddle
Jones, ClaraVirginia Woolf: A Re-reading of some Texts in Light of her Ambivalent Activism2013Michèle Barrett sedmodern
Levine, BenPsychoanalysis and Arthur Miller2014Jacqueline Rose sedmodern
Eyre, AngharadZeal and Sacrifice: The Power of the Female Missionary Discourse for Women and their Writing 1830-19002014Nadia Valman sedmiddle
Hewitt, Rachel'"Dreaming O'er the Map of Things": The Ordnance Survey and Literature of the British Isles, 1747-1842'2007Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Macdonald, Molly'Reading Hegel's 'Phenomenology of Spirit' with Andre Green and Christopher Bollas: Force, 'The Third', and the Blinding of Subjects'2008Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Marks, Cato'Forging a Political Aesthetic: The Influence of John Milton's Political Prose on the Later Prophetic Poems of William Blake'2008Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Bose, Sid'Back and Forth: The Grotesque in the Play of Romantic Irony'2009Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Boyson, Rowan'Communis Voluptas: Pleasure in Wordsworth and Enlightenment Philosophy'2009Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Davies, Jeremy'The Sense of Pain in the Romantic Period: Bentham, Sade and Shelley'2010Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Hunnekuhl, PhilippHenry Crabb Robinson’s Early Literary Criticism, 1790-18112012Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Ashraf, AmmaraRomantic Poetologies: Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity in early Anglo-German Romanticism2013Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Bell, Timothy'Envisioning the Working Class in British Fiction, 1957-1967'2012Hobson, Suzanne; Wills, Clair sedmodern
Mauger, Matthew'Prophetic Legislation: William Blake and the Visionary Poetry of the Law'2005Janowitz, Anne sedmiddle
Culley, AmyWomen’s Life Writing 1760-1830: Spiritual Selves, Sexual Characters, and Revolutionary Subjects2007Janowitz, Anne sedmiddle
Tompsett, Daniel'The Reduction of Metaphysics and the Play of Violence in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens'2010Hamilton, Paul sedmiddle
Hill, Rosemary'Antiquaries in the Age of Romanticism: 1789-1851'2011Janowitz, Anne sedmiddle
Du Toit, Alexander'Patriotism, Presbyterianism, liberty, and Empire: An Alternative View of the Historical Writing of William Robertson'2000Lincoln, Andrew sedmiddle
Dew, Ben'"Spurs to Industry": Labour and the Labourer in British Political Economy, 1700-80'2006Lincoln, Andrew sedmiddle
Jarman, Paul'Robert Southey's Original Madoc: A Transcipt of the 1797-99 Manuscript, with a Detailed Analysis of its Development and Sources'2011Lincoln, Andrew sedmiddle
Sheridan, Claire'Last Men and Women: Surviving Romantic Coteries'2012Lincoln, Andrew sedmiddle
Kibble, Matthew'The 'Still-Born Generation': Decadence and Modernity in H.D.'s Fiction'1998Maxwell, Catherine; Riatt, Suzanne sedmiddle
Pulham, Patricia'Grown-Up Toys: Aesthetic Forms and Transitional Objects in Vernon Lee's Supernatural Tales'2001Maxwell, Catherine sedmiddle
Hussain, Sarah'"Said to be a Writer": Tradition, gender, and Identity in the Poetry of Charlotte Mew'2002Maxwell, Catherine sedmiddle
Garza, Ana'"Art for the sake of life": The Critical Aesthetics of Vernon Lee'2009Maxwell, Catherine sedmiddle
Botham, Peter Bland'"that forgotten thing, the normal active man": W.B. Yeats, modern Manliness, and the Middle-Class Male Body'2012Maxwell, Catherine sedmiddle
Lyons, Sara'"Life as the End of Life": A.C. Swinburne, Walter Pater, and the Aesthetics of Victorian Secularism'2012Maxwell, Catherine sedmiddle
Lipsedge, Karen'Harlow Place: Representations of the Domestic Interior in Richardson's Clarissa'2002Reid, Christopher sedmiddle
Ashley, Annette'"In this Moment of Alarm and Peril": Female Education, Religion, and politics in the Late-Eighteenth Century, with special reference to Catharine Macaulay and Hannah More'2004Reid, Christopher sedmiddle
Bergel, Giles'William Dicey and Eighteenth-Century Print Culture'2004Reid, Christopher sedmiddle
O'Neill, Sinead'A History of Opera in Performance: Verdi's Macbeth at Glyndebourne, 1938 to 20072010Reynolds, Margaret sedmodern
Burden, Mark'Academical Learning in the Dissenters' private Academies, 1660-1720'2012Rivers, Isabel; Wykes, David sedmiddle
Whitehouse, Tessa'Issac Watts and Philip Doddridge: Letters, Lectures and Lives in Eighteenth-Century Dissenting Culture'2011Rivers, Isabel; Wykes, David sedmiddle
Burley, Stephen'Hazlitt the Dissenter: Religion, Philosophy, and Politics, 1766-1816'2011Rivers, Isabel; Wykes, David sedmiddle
Mills, Simon'Joseph Priestley and the Intellectual Culture of Rational Dissent, 1752-1796'2009Rivers, Isabel; Wykes, David sedmiddle
Dixon, Rosemary'Sermons in Print: John Tillotson and Religious Publishing in England c.1660-1752'2009Rivers, Isabel sedmiddle
Scoot-McCarthy, Justine'Edges of the Mind: Psychic Margins and the Modernist Aesthetic in Vernon Lee, Evelyn Underhill, May Sinclair, Jane Harrison, and Dion Fortune'2001Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Wearing, Sadie'Time’s Age: Degeneration and Memory in Wilde, Morris, and Hardy'2001Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Dackombe, Amanda'Making Thought Visible: Colour in the Writings of Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Richardson, Samuel Beckett, and TS Eliot'2003Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Guldimann, Colette'"A Symbol of the New African": Drum Magazine, Popular Culture, and the Formation of Black Urban Subjectivity in 1950s South Africa'2004Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Pearson, Maeve'The Work of Childhood: Utopianism and Disenchantment in the Writings of Charles Fourier, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James (senior), and Henry James (junior)'2004Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Shaw, Drew'Transgression and Beyond: Dambudzo Marchera and Zimbabwean Literature'2004Rose, Jacqueline; Jardine, Lisa sedmodern
Menczer, Katy'From Flesh to Fiction: The Visible and the Invisible in the Work of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Eudora Welty, and Elizabeth Bowen'2007Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Steinitz, Tamar'An Other Tongue: Language and Identity in Translingual Writing'2010Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Houlden, Kate'Sexuality in the Writing of Male Authors from the Anglophone Caribbean: Roger Mais, John Hearne, Jan Carew, and Andrew Salkey'2010Schwarz, Bill sedmodern
Harrop, Joanna'The yagé Aesthetic of William Burroughs: The Publication and Development of his Work, 1953-1965'2011Schwarz, Bill sedmodern
Bhattacharyya, GargiMulticulturalism and English Studies1993Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Blazdell, JuliaAIDS and the Borders of Postmodernity1994Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Hastings, MiriamRepresentations of Desire and Identity in Contemporary Women’s Writing and Film1995Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Kinoshita, YukikoArt and Society: Mansfield and Wilde1997Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Jensen, MegPalmipsest: Influence and Indebtedness in modern writing1997Shiach, Morag; Raitt, Suzanne sedmodern
Finn, Howard'Romantic Subject / Modernist Object: Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage and Modernist Individualism'1999Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Sharp, Evelyn'Negotiating Past and Present: Spirituality and Identity in the Work of Some Nineteenth-Century Scottish Women Poets'1999Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Handal, NathalieArab Women Writers2000Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Homberger, Margaret'Wrongful Confinement and Victorian Psychiatry, 1840-80'2001Shiach, Morag; Pick, Daniel sedmodern
Dwan, David'Cultural Nationalism and Mass Culture in Yeats’s Ireland'2002Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Meyer, Basil'Consumptive Death in Victorian Literature'2002Shiach, Morag; Pick, Daniel sedmodern
Trexler, Adam'Modernist Poetics and New Age Political Philosophy'2006Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Hobson, SuzanneThe Modernist Angel2008Shiach, Morag; Potter, Rachel sedmodern
Lister, James'New Women and Degeneracy in the Late Nineteenth Century'2008Shiach, Morag sedmodern
Barnes, David'Urbs/Passion/Politics: Venice in Selected Works of Ruskin and Pound'2009Shiach, Morag sedmodern
McNamarra, CatherineConstitution of Transgender Masculinities2009Shiach, Morag; Weaver, Lois sedmodern
Klein, Katie'Grace Aguilar’s Historical Romances'2009Valman, Nadia sedmiddle
Rubin, Mindy'Walter Scott's 'Ivanhoe' and the Representation of Jews on the Nineteenth-Century Stage'2012Valman, Nadia sedmiddle
Montgomery, Will'"Pilings of Thought Under Spoken": The Poetry of Susan Howe, 1974-1993'2003Wills, Clair sedmodern
Moss, Rhiannon'Irish Modernism in an International Frame: Thomas MacGreevy, Sean O'Faolain, and Samuel Beckett in the 1930s'2009Wills, Clair sedmodern
Mohua, Mafruha'Between the Hither and the Farther Shore: A Study of the Dialogue between T. S. Eliot and India'2010Wills, Clair sedmodern
A Latiff Khan, Sher Banu'Rule behind the silk curtain: the Sultanahs of Aceh 1641-1699'2009Jardine, Lisa sedearly
Bercusson, Sarah'Gift-giving, consumption and the female court in sixteenth-century Italy'2011Welch, Evelyn sedearly
Claxton, Juliet'Tralucent as amber, and subtler then christall': the cultural context of porcelain in early modern England 1588-1700'2013Welch, Evelyn sedearly
Coles, Elizabeth 2012Rose, Jacqueline sedmodern
Dewhurst, Madeline'And make me famous too in such a wife': How Margaret and William Cavendish negotiated the Interregnum'2010Jardine, Lisa sedearly
Furlotti, Barbara'Consumption and Baronial Identity in Sixteenth-Century Rome : Paolo Giordano I Orsini and his possessions, (1541-1585)'2009Welch, Evelyn sedearly
Goldberg, Naftali David'Imagining the Enemy : The Turkish spy and racial representation in English culture 1687 - 1753'2008Ellis, Markman sedmiddle
Hardman, Karen'A Life from Letters: John Egerton, First Earl of Bridgewater 1625-1642'2012Jardine, Lisa sedearly
Mair, Katy'Anne, Lady Bacon: A Life in Letters'2009Jardine, Lisa sedearly
McIlvenna, Una'Considering the Cabal of Cuckoldry: Scandal and Reputation at the Court of Catherine de Medici'2011Welch, Evelyn sedearly
Musumeci, Salvatore'The culinary cultures of the Monastery of Santa Trinita in fourteenth century Florence'2009Welch, Evelyn sedearly
Updale, Eleanor'Yorkshire Virtuosi 1690-1710. The Print and Manuscript Legacy of Sir Godfrey Copley and his Circle'2007Jardine, Lisa sedearly
North, Susan'Dress and Hygiene in Early Modern England: A Study of Advice and Practice'2013Welch, Evelyn sedearly
Smith, Olivia'Lives, Letters, Bodies: John Locke's Medical Interactions in Context'2010Jardine, Lisa sedearly
Taneja, Pria'Epic legacies: Hindu cultural nationalism and female sexual identities in India 1920-1960'2010Schwarz, Bill sedmodern
Thomas, Jennifer'A Philosophical Storehouse: The life and afterlife of the Royal Society’s repository'2010Jardine, Lisa sedearly
Williamson, Elizabeth'Before 'diplomacy': travel, embassy and the production of political information in the late sixteenth century'2012Jardine, Lisa sedearly
Winterbottom, Anna'Company Culture: Information, Scholarship and the East India Company, 1660-1720'2011Jardine, Lisa sedearly
Woodcock, Phillippa'The forgotten patrons : the French governors of Milan, 1499-1522'2007Welch, Evelyn sedearly
Yeh, Chia-Hua'Hat, Headwear and Hair Accessories in Early Modern Florentine Court, 1580–1630'2012Welch, Evelyn sedearly
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