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Dissertation (MA Poetry)

Module code: ESH7060

Credits: 60.0
Semester: YEAR

Contact: Prof Andrea Brady
Overlap: None
Prerequisite: None

The dissertation offers students an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their research, creative practice and writing skills while engaging with a topic suggested by their work on the core and option modules. It provides a preparation for doctoral research in English, Creative Writing and related fields. The topic must be feasible, academically sound, and related to the concerns of the programme. The dissertation must develop an appropriate scholarly or creative methodology and demonstrate an advanced understanding of historical and/or theoretical issues involved in the study or composition of poetry. It must also demonstrate an ability to analyse and present complex evidence and to shape and sustain a coherent, persuasive critical
argument at masters level. It must observe appropriate stylistic and bibliographic conventions.

Students will submit a dissertation, which can be constituted either of a conventional scholarly essay of 15,000 words, or a creative portfolio consisting of the student's own poems with a critical commentary. Such a portfolio should be a maximum of 20 pages and/or (in the case of performed dissertations), a time-length of a maximum of 30 minutes for an audio or video recording, along with a 4,000 word commentary. In the commentary, students will be expected to apply their learning from other, non-core modules, including Poetry at Work, to their own practice. The commentary must illuminate what they have done, but it need not
make their own poems its primary topic. The approach taken by the commentary will be developed in ooperation with students' academic supervisor, but for example, it may be a literary-critical reflection on the historical development of a poetic tactic, and an explanation of its relation to their own work; or a reflection on the context, transmission and mediation of poetry, particularly if the piece is situated or performed. All students, whether they are producing a critical dissertation or a commentary, will be expected to demonstrate secondary reading, argument and thought about other poets.

Connected course(s): UDF DATA
Assessment: 100.0% Dissertation
Level: 7

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