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ESH7000 Dissertation

ESH7001 The Production of Texts in Context

ESH7002 Benjamin and Adorno

ESH7006 The Forms of Modernism

ESH7007 African Literary and Textual Cultures

ESH7010 The State of the Novel

ESH7011 Victorian Print Culture

ESH7013 James Joyce's Finnegans Wake

ESH7014 Ideas and Metaphors: 1700-1820

ESH7019 Early Modern Archival Skills

ESH7021 Early Modern Contexts

ESH7022 Literature, Science and Technology

ESH7023 Writing and the Present

ESH7024 Victorian Voices

ESH7025 Global Interests in the Shakespearean World

ESH7027 Peripheral Modernities

ESH7028 Early Modern Studies: Research Preparation

ESH7030 Aestheticism and Fin de Siecle Literature

ESH7034 Modernism and After

ESH7036 Researching Modern Culture

ESH7038 Writing the East End

ESH7045 London Panoramas: Research, Culture and the Long Eighteenth Century

ESH7046 Resources for Research

ESH7047 Sociability: Literature and the City 1660-1780

ESH7054 Imagining South Asia and its Diaspora

ESH7055 Myths, Lineage and Power in Britain, 1300-1600

ESH7056 The Godwins and the Shelleys

ESH7057 Queer Theory and Contemporary Fiction

ESH7058 Introduction to Poetics

ESH7059 Poetry at Work

ESH7060 Dissertation (MA Poetry)

ESH7061 Romanticism and Genre

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