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Recent Research Awards

NameProjectAmount and Source of AwardDateHidden Date
Inchley, MaggieCreative Evaluations project with Phakama Theatre Company£1000, Queen Mary Centre for Public Engagement201401/01/2014
Inchley, MaggieFunded Outreach projects£5350, Higher Education Council for England (HEFCE)2014-1501/01/2014
Inchley, MaggieCreative Acts Inside Out Festival performance with looked after children£450, Queen Mary Centre for Public Engagement201501/01/2015
Inchley, MaggieThe Verbatim Formula, Being Human Festival£999, Queen Mary Centre for Public Engagement201501/01/2015
Silverstone, CatherineDuckie in the Community: Performance, Audience and Social Engagement£61,827, AHRC: Collaborative Doctoral Award Training Grant2014/15 - 2016/1701/01/2014
Monks, AoifeThe Actor in Costume (2010)TaPRA David Bradby award201001/01/2010
Davids, NadiaCo-Investigator£233,427, AHRC2014-1501/01/2014
Davids, Nadia £70,000, Philip Leverhulme Prize2014-1601/01/2014
Davids, NadiaFor completion of PhDapprox. £3,000, A. W. Mellon Fellowship200701/01/2007
Davids, NadiaDevelopment and Production of Cissieapprox. £16,700, Prince Claus Fund200801/01/2008
Davids, NadiaAt Her Feet at the Pinter£2,000, British Council South Africa201001/01/2010
Davids, NadiaDevelopment of This Woman is not for Burning£3,000, British Council South Africa201101/01/2011
Harvie, JenReassessing the Value of the Arts£5,000, LCACE Knowledge Exchange Seed FundSpring 200901/03/2009
Harvie, JenQMUL HSS Visiting Fellowship for Dr Erin Hurley (McGill University)QMUL Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences201201/01/2012
Harvie, JenQMUL HSS Visiting Fellowship for Professor Shannon Jackson (University of California, Berkeley)QMUL Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences201201/01/2012
Johnson, Dominic (with Lois Weaver)AIR Project£44,657, Arts Council EnglandNovember 200901/11/2009
Johnson, Dominic (with Lois Weaver)Women@QM: An Artist-in Residence Scheme£10,000, Westfield Trust200901/01/2009
Johnson, Dominic (with Lois Weaver)Space Station: A Feasibility Study for an Artist in Residence Scheme and Public Events/Education Programme£8,500, Queen Mary Innovation: Prospect Fund200901/01/2009
Johnson, DominicDeparture: An Experiment in Human Salvage£9,500, Grants for the Arts, Arts Council EnglandMarch 2011-October 201201/03/2011
McAvinchey, CaoimheFuture Histories: The Documentation of Local and International Community Performance at QMUL£4,500, Westfield Trust201101/01/2011
McAvinchey, CaoimheSpotlight Symposium in collaboration with Phakama on 24 June 2013£1,000, QM Centre for Public EngagementApril 201301/04/2013
McAvinchey, CaoimheA Decade of Magic Me Projects with the Women's Library: Sharing the Learning£15,000, QM Centre for Public Engagement, Large Grant ApplicationMay 201301/05/2013
McAvinchey, CaoimheArtful Measures – a collaboration with Bobby Baker’s Daily Life Ltd and Outlandish Ideas£9,785, QMUL InnovationsJuly 201301/07/2013
McAvinchey, CaoimheA Sense of Place – intergenerational arts practice and cultural collections. A collaboration with Magic Me.£15,000, Creative Works London, Creative VouchersJuly 201301/07/2013
McKinnie, MichaelCollaborative Doctoral Award: The Barbican: Performance, the City, and Transnationalism£56,220, AHRC2008-201101/01/2008
McKinnie, MichaelReport Commission£5,000, LCACE200901/01/2009
McKinnie, MichaelCollaborative Doctoral Award, with Lift£55,410, AHRCOctober 200701/10/2007
Campbell, Ali £5,000, LCACE2007-200801/09/2007
Campbell, AliSpirit of The Flute/TREE, website for music and community performance capacity building£5,000, LCACEMarch-September 200901/03/2009
Campbell, AliE-Motion£2,000, LCACEApril 200901/04/2009
Campbell, AliEmbodied Emotions£90,842, AHRC201001/01/2010
Welton, MartinArtscross International Network£4,537, AHRC network grantSeptember 2011-August 201401/09/2011
Welton, MartinFootage, PBR project with choreographer Clare Whistler£2,400, LCACE seed-fund grant201201/01/2012
Weaver, Lois $20,000, New York State Council on the Arts200801/01/2008
Weaver, LoisPeer Mentorship Bursary£6000, Cultural Leadership Program, Arts Council of England200801/01/2008
Weaver, Lois £5000, LCACE Knowledge Exchange Seed Fund200801/01/2008
Weaver, LoisChelsea Theatre Commission£3,500, Arts Council of England200801/01/2008
Weaver, LoisOutside AiR Festival£3000, LCACE Seed FundMarch 201001/03/2010
Weaver, LoisAiR Supply£10,000, Queen Mary Limited Prospects FundOctober 2010-September 201101/01/2010
Weaver, LoisArtists @QM£10,000, Westfield Trust2011-201201/01/2011
Weaver, LoisVisions and Voices Residency$21,000, University of Southern California Arts and Humanities5-12 September 201105/09/2011
Heritage, Paul £4500, LCACEMarch 200801/03/2008
Heritage, PaulFavela to the World£95,273, ACEApril 200801/04/2008
Heritage, PaulAmazonia£15,650, British CouncilApril 200801/04/2008
Heritage, Paul £150,000, Paul Hamlyn FoundationMay 200801/05/2008
Heritage, PaulRegularly Funded Organisation£60,000, Arts Council England2008-200901/01/2008
Heritage, PaulRegularly Funded Organisation£61,629, Arts Council England2009-201001/01/2009
Heritage, PaulRegularly Funded Organisation£63,283, Arts Council England2010-201101/01/2010
Heritage, Paul £369,885, AHRC Knowledge TransferApril 200901/04/2009
Heritage, Paul £450, QM Central Research FundDecember 200801/12/2008
Heritage, Paul £650, QM Central Research FundJune 200901/06/2009
Heritage, Paul £5000 (and 5 international flights), Brazilian EmbassyJuly 200901/07/2009
Heritage, PaulCareif£3996.55, Arts Council Managed FundsAugust 200901/08/2009
Heritage, PaulPoints of Contact£42,000, Arts Council Managed FundsOctober 200901/10/2009
Heritage, PaulPoints of Contact£41,825, British CouncilOctober 200901/10/2009
Heritage, Paul £80,403, AHRC Beyond TextDecember 200901/12/2009
Heritage, Paul £10,000, Widening Participation, QMUL2008-200901/01/2008
Heritage, Paul £10,000, Widening Participation, QMUL2009-201001/01/2009
Heritage, Paul £10,000, Prospects Fund, QMUL200901/01/2009
Heritage, Paul £700, QM Drama Dept2008-200901/01/2008
Heritage, Paul £15,000, QM Drama DeptDecember 200901/12/2009
Heritage, Paul £10,000, QM Prospects FundDecember 200901/12/2009
Heritage, PaulPeople’s Palace Projects Core Funding£390,000, Arts Council England National PortfolioApril 2012-March 201501/04/2012
Heritage, PaulThe Argument Room£2,000, QMUL Innovations FundMay-December 201101/05/2011
Heritage, PaulEncounters£30,000, AHRC Beyond Text Follow-OnJune 2011-February 201201/06/2011
Heritage, PaulPeople's Palace Projects£200,000, British Council Brazil2011-201201/01/2011
Heritage, Paul £1,750, Brazilian Embassy201001/01/2010
Heritage, Paul £10,000, Cash Support from QMUL201001/01/2010
Heritage, PaulFavela to the World£12,395.60, Partner Income from Dance CityOctober 200901/10/2009
Heritage, PaulFavela to the World£5,000, British Council Antidote Support201001/01/2010
Heritage, PaulFavela to the World£4,495.36, Antidote Performance Fee201001/01/2010
Heritage, PaulFavela to the World£13,114, Salisbury Fest Partner Income201001/01/2010
Heritage, PaulFavela to the World£1,058, Partner Income LiverpoolOctober 200901/10/2009
Heritage, PaulFavela to the World£17,691.09, Partner Income LiverpoolAugust 201001/08/2010
Heritage, PaulFavela to the World£6,392, Partner Income TallinnFebruary 201001/02/2010
Heritage, PaulPoints of Contact£37,800, Arts Council England201001/01/2010
Heritage, PaulCultural Warriors£33,330, Hamlyn Foundation201001/01/2010
Heritage, PaulWeb Project Element£25,000, Cash Support from QMUL201001/01/2010
Heritage, Paul £63,140.29, AHRC Knowledge Transfer201001/01/2010
Heritage, Paul £8,035.30, AHRC Beyond Text201001/01/2010
Heritage, PaulCultural Olympic Forum and UnLimited Festival£210,000, British CouncilApril 201301/04/2013
Heritage, PaulThe Theatricalized City£5,000, QM Santander International Mobility Support FundOctober 201301/10/2013
Heritage, PaulShakespeare Forum, Brazil Tour£122,235 CCBB and £25,000 British CouncilAutumn 2013-end of 201401/10/2013
Heritage, PaulEncounters£32,120, PPPdoBrasilAutumn 201301/10/2013
Heritage, PaulDrama Club at St Paul's Way Trust School£3,472.61, QMUL Widening ParticipationJanuary-July 201301/01/2013
Heritage, PaulEssay Prize for Drama Students£300, QMUL Centre for Public EngagementMay 201301/05/2013
Heritage, PaulACE National Portfolio Organisation Grant£264,825, Arts Council EnglandApril 2013-April 201501/04/2013
Campbell, AliConnected Communities/Making Wellbeing£12,000, AHRC2011-201201/01/2011
Campbell, AliLiving Map£18,000, London Borough of Tower Hamlets2011-201201/01/2011
Campbell, AliConnected Communities/Engage£3,449, AHRC201201/01/2012
Johnson, DominicPostdoctoral Research Travel Grant£5,267, Terra Foundation for American Art201201/01/2012
Weaver, LoisRuff$20,000, Rockefeller MAP Grant201201/01/2012
Weaver, LoisProfiling Performance as Public Engagement£10,000, Prospects Fund201201/01/2012
Weaver, Lois (with Nicholas Ridout)Peopling the Palace£60,000, Centre for Public Engagement2012-201301/01/2012
Weaver, LoisGetting On, a Backstage Tour$7,500, Stanford University in collaboration with CuriousMay-September 201301/05/2013
Weaver, LoisPeopling the Palace£25,000, Centre of Public EngagementOctober 2013-June 201401/10/2013
Heritage, PaulAnnual NPO grant for Points of Contact and UK arts participatory work [Encounters; Favela to the World]£130,000, Arts Council England201201/01/2012
Heritage, PaulAgency [Partnership with Contact Theatre Manchester; Battersea Arts Centre; Agencia das Redes da Juventude Rio de Janeiro]£175,000, Gulbenkian Participatory Performance AwardJanuary 2013-June 201401/01/2013
Heritage, PaulRio Occupation London£50,000, British Council and Arts Council England joint grantMay-August 201201/05/2012
Heritage, PaulRio Occupation London£50,000, LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games)May-August 201201/05/2012
Heritage, PaulRio Occupation Londonapprox. £330,000, State Secretary of Culture Rio de JaneiroMay-August 201201/05/2012
Heritage, PaulRio Occupation Londonapprox. £330,000, PetrobrasMay-August 201201/05/2012
Heritage, PaulPoints of Contact; Encounters£320,000, British Council2012-201301/01/2012
Heritage, PaulBrazil's Cultural Wars£159,865, Leverhulme fellowship1 September 2013-31 August 201601/09/2013
Boyle, Michael ShaneThe Hidden Abode of Counter-Logistics£550, American Society for Theatre Research--
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