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Structure of the PhD Programme

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Photograph © Bobby Whittaker

In the first year of the programme, students work toward the completion of the Year One Progression Review, which results in the submission of a prospectus (extended proposal) and a piece of written work (or written work plus practice in the case of students who intend to submit practice as part of their final submission). This work is usually submitted toward the end of April for full-time students and November for part-time students. In addition, in June of the first year, students organise and present their work at the annual Research Student Colloquium for first and second year students.

In subsequent years of the programme, student progress is discussed and reviewed as part of the Annual Review, usually in July each year.

Throughout the duration of the programme students are supported in the development and completion of their projects through individual supervision and an extensive programme of research training.

Full-time students should submit in a maximum of four years; part-time students should submit in a maximum of seven years. Please note that full-time funding is for three years.

We encourage students to participate in the disciplines and fields their research engages through attendance and presentation at conferences, publications, and performances.

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