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Completed Projects

NameProject TitleYear of AwardFundingSupervisor(s)
Anderson, JoelTheatre and Performance Photography: Documentation and the "Unlive"2008AHRCDelgado, Maria
Curtis, HarrietPerforming Cultural Identities in California: High Performance and the Performance of Paul McCarthy2014QMULJohnson, Dominic
Hancox, SimoneGlobal Art in an Age of Global Performance: Complicity and Critique2013AHRCHarvie, Jen
Bauer, UnaPost 1990s Dance Theatre and (the Idea of) the Neutral2011LondonDelgado, Maria
Twitchin, MischaThe Theatre of Death: The Uncanny in Mimesis2013 Ridout, Nicholas
Breden, SimonBeyond the Playwright: The Creative Process of Els Joglars & Teatro de la Abadia2009 Delgado, Maria
Brodie, GeraldinePlays in Translation on the London Stage: Visibility, Celebrity, Agency and Collaboration2012 Delgado, Maria and Hermans, Theo
Linsley, JohannaI Know Something You Don’t Know: Contemporary Performance and the Politics of Expertise2013QMUL and ORSASHarvie, Jen
Castelyn, SarahleighSouth African Dance Theatre: The Body as a Site of Struggle2009AHRCHarvie, Jen
Ceraolo, FrancescoThe Aesthetics of the Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk from Appia to Postdramatic Theatre2012 Ridout, Nicholas
Easton, LéonoreLivegraphy Performance Art, Language and the Multiplicity of Sense2010AHRCRidout, Nicholas
Eaton, KateFalse Alarms and Fake Excursions: Translating Virgilio Piñero for Performance2011AHRCDelgado, Maria
Grochala, SarahSeriousness, Structure and the Dramaturgy of Social Life2012QMULMcKinnie, Michael
Harradine, DavidChronographies: Performance, Death and the Writing of Time2005 Heritage, Paul
Home-Cook, GeorgeStretching Ourselves: The Phenomenology of Sound and Listening in Contemporary Theatre2013QMULWelton, Martin
Kartsaki, EiriniRepeat Repeat: Returns of Performance2010 Ridout, Nicholas
Walsh, HelenaLive Art and Femininity in Post-Conflict Ireland: Between Negation and Reproduction, Rebellion and Conformity2014AHRCJohnson, Dominic and McAvinchey, Caoimhe
Laera, MargheritaAppropriating Greek Tragedy: Community, Democracy and other Mythologies2010AHRCDelgado, Maria
Lobel, BrianPlaying the Cancer Card: Illness, Performance and Spectatorship2012QMUL and Wellcome TrustSilverstone, Catherine and Weaver, Lois
Marini, CharikliaTheatre Out of Place2013 Welton, Martin
McNamara, CatherineThe Constitution of Transgender Masculinities through Performance: A Study of Theatre and the Everyday2009 Weaver, Lois
Mitas, JenWork, Emotion and the American Method2009QMULWelton, Martin and Ridout, Nicholas
Owen, LouisePerforming "Risk": Neoliberalization and Contemporary Performance2010AHRCHeritage, Paul and Ridout, Nicholas
Wozniak, JanEmancipating Shakespeare?: Jacques Ranciere and the Politics of Performing Shakespeare for Young People2014QMULEscolme, Bridget
Quirós Alpera, GabrielHistoria de la Dirección Escénica en España: José Luis Alonso2010 Delgado, Maria and Huerta Calvo, Javier
Reynolds, JamesEvaluating Performance/Re-evaluating Process: An Investigation into and Reassessment of Robert Lepage's Devised Theatre Practice2010 Harvie, Jen
Schmidt, TheronThe Politics of Theatricality: Community and Representation in Contemporary Art and Performance2011AHRCRidout, Nicholas
Watt-Smith, TiffanyFlinching: Self-Experimentation and Theatricality, 1872 - 19182011AHRCRidout, Nicholas
Manninen, SainiDuration Materialised: Investigating Contemporary Performance as a Temporal Medium2014AHRCRidout, Nicholas and Johnson, Dominic
Whitfield, SarahKurt Weill: The "Composer as Dramatist" in American Musical Theatre Production2010 Ridout, Nicholas
Willson, SuzyPerforming Medicine2011 Heritage, Paul
Woods, PenelopeGlobe Audiences: Spectatorship and Reconstruction at Shakespeare's Globe2011AHRCEscolme, Bridget
Sosa, CeciliaPerformance, Kinship and Archives: Queering Acts of Mourning in the Aftermath of Argentina's 1976-1983 Dictatorship2012ORSAS and QMULDelgado, Maria and Silverstone, Catherine
McAvinchey, CaoimhePossible Fictions: The Testimony of Applied Performance with Women in Prisons in England and Brazil2006AHRCHeritage, Paul and Delgado, Maria
Macdonald, MeganPerformance Art, Liturgy and the Performance of Belief2012AHRCHeritage, Paul and Ridout, Nicholas
Edkins, TimothyFeeling Productive2013AHRCMcKinnie, Michael
Zechner, ManuelaThe World we Desire is one we can Create and Care for Together2014QMULRidout, Nicholas, and Bove, Arianna (School of Business and Management)
Smith, AnneThe Possibilities and Limitations of using Drama to Facilitate a Sense of Belonging for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants in East London2013 McAvinchey, Caoimhe
Allwood, CharlieThe Gran Teatre del Liceu and Catalan Culture: History, Representation and Myth2013AHRCDelgado, Maria
Leighton-Kelly, SophieThe Barbican: Performance, the City and Transnationalism2014AHRCMcKinnie, Michael
Livergant, ElyssaWorkshop: The Dramaturgy of Theatrical Labour2014University of LondonMcKinnie, Michael
Wilson, AnnaArgentine Theatre in Twenty-first Century Barcelona: Cultural Exchange and (Trans)national Identities2014AHRCDelgado, Maria
Baker, SylvanTraining UK Cultural Warriors: Youth Leadership Through the Arts2015AHRCHeritage, Paul and McAvinchey, Caoimhe
Bell, CharlotteSocial Housing Performed: Community arts interventions in East London2015QMULMcKinnie, Michael
Diestro-Dópido, MarFilm Festivals: Cinema and Cultural Exchange2015AHRCDelgado, Maria
Graziano, ValeriaFormats of Conviviality: The Organisation of Collective Agency in a Time of Impasse2015QMULMcKinnie, Michael
Hilevaara, KatjaMemory and Contemporary Performance: Remembering is the New Live2015QMULHarvie, Jen
Oliver, DanielThe Social Turn: Engagement and Efficacy in Contemporary Performance2016QMULJohnson, Dominic
Thomasson, SarahFestival Cities: Edinburgh and Adelaide2015QMULHarvie, Jen
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