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NameProject TitleFundingSupervisor(s)
Adebayo, MojisolaAfri-Queer Theatre: Challenging Homophobia, Re/presenting Black Lesbians and Creating Performance Spaces for Black Queer TogethernessQMULSilverstone, Catherine
Bartley, SarahArt Works: Participatory Practice and (Anti)Work PoliticsQueen Mary Principal’s Strategic Studentship supporting the Contemporary Theatre Review journalHarvie, Jen and McAvinchy, Caoimhe
Bennett, EmmaVerbal Slapstick: Comedy, Figuration and Performativity in Contemporary Speech-Based PerformanceAHRCRidout, Nicholas
Bond, ImogenWhat is the function of the theatre curtain call for British audiences, and how does it relate to changing ideas of theatre patronage? Monks, Aoife
Fallow, CatrionaIn Shakespeare’s Shadow’: New writing and Shakespearian authority at the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe TheatreAHRCSilverstone, Catherine
Gomme, Rachel'Being Here Now': Presence, Present, Presentness in a Live Art PracticeAHRCWelton, Martin
Holstein, Lauren BarriThe Displayed Body and its Agency: Pleasure, Violence and Humiliation in Contemporary Feminist PerformanceQMULJohnson, Dominic
Hubbard, WendyReading Collaboration: Labour, Community and the Politics of Authorship in Contemporary TheatreAHRCHarvie, Jen
Jones, BretA Question of Taste: Theatrical and Cultural Continuity in Seventeenth Century EnglandAHRCEscolme, Bridget
Simari, AlessanroShakespeare's Globes: A History of Shakespearean Theatres from Globe to GlobeQMULEscolme, Bridget
Mader McGuinness, CaoimheAnti-Social Performance: Queer Anti-Utopian Productivity in Contemporary PerformanceAHRCSilverstone, Catherine and Ridout, Nicholas
McCarthy, LynneThe Performance of Waste: Dismantling Spaces of Neoliberalism in Site Specific Art PracticesAHRCHarvie, Jen
Mullan, SarahA ‘Post-Lesbian’ Trajectory? Stages in Lesbian Performance 1996-2014QMULSilverstone, Catherine
Birksted-Breen, NoahAlternative Voices in an Acquiescent Society: The New Wave of Russian PlaywrightsAHRC CDADelgado, Maria, and Andreas Schönle
Nicholson-Sanz, MichelleOn Ports and Stages: Destabilising Cultural Identities through a Lingua Franca Theatre in Latin AmericaQMULDelgado, Maria
Oxley, RachelTaking Turns: The Structuring of ‘Togetherness’QMULWelton, Martin and Healey, Pat
Roberts, EleanorICA Exhibitions and Events 1968-2000: Performance, the Body, and the Programming of Live Art in LondonQMULJohnson, Dominic
Scasciamacchia, FrancescoExploring Potentialities for Curating Performance Art in the Information Economy: A Critical Analysis of the Recent Performance Boom in Museum Programming since 2000 Ridout, Nicholas
Smith, KirstinAttention-Seeking Activities: Stunt Performances in Public LifeAHRCRidout, Nicholas
Twite, ChristineCultures of Spectatorship: The Relationship between Dramaturgy, Site, Outreach and Audience in the work of Actors' Touring CompanyAHRCEscolme, Bridget
Walters, BenDuckie in the Community: Performance, Audience and Social EngagementAHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award with DuckieSilverstone, Catherine and Simon Casson and Dicky Eaton from Duckie
Wiskowski, AndrewMoods, Modes, and Modality: Presence and its Derivatives in Choral and Collective Performance Welton, Martin
Barnes, SarahThe Edge of Music: Exploring the boundaries of sound, space and the body in twenty-first century classical music performance Ridout, Nicholas
Church, LewisHating Discipline: The Polymath and the Academy QMULJohnson, Dominic
Gush, HelenThe World Theatre Season: Internationalisation and British performance culture AHRC CDAMcAvinchey, Caoimhe and Dorney, Kate (V & A)
Hunka, EmilyPoor Players: the role of theatre troupe artistry in treating adolescent mental distress McAvinchey, Caoimhe and Warfa, Nasir
Massie, EleanorAmateurs and Professionals: The Transatlantic Genealogy of Performer Identity AHRCRidout, Nicholas
Watkinson, PhilipMaking Space for Affect: Affective Materialism and Contemporary Performance AHRCMcKinnie, Michael
Young, MartinThe Discipline in the British Theatre Industry 1550-2015 QMULRidout, Nicholas
Hamadah, FaisalBetween the Social and the Political: The History of Kuwaiti Theatre Ridout, Nicholas
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