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To make an application you must complete the College postgraduate application form.

You will need to include:

All complete applications received by the advertised deadline will be considered for all funding opportunities for which they are eligible (visit our funding page for further details).


Research Proposal

This 1500-word (maximum) proposal (excluding timescale and bibliography) should outline the thesis you wish to undertake; we recommend that you read the  Guidance on writing your research proposal. We are happy to read a final draft of your proposal but please send it well in advance of submitting the final application.  


Statement of Purpose

Your Statement of Purpose (one side, A4) should include your name and proposed thesis title and address the following areas:

  • Preparation: your previous academic or other experience relevant to the proposed research
  • Place: why you wish to undertake this research at Queen Mary (consider how your project fits with the Department and prospective supervisor's/supervisors' research interests)
  • Training: your previous research or professional training and what further research training you think you will need to complete a PhD
  • Ethics: ethical issues you will need to consider in undertaking this research (e.g. interviewing, audience research). All research involving human subjects will need approval from Queen Mary’s Research Ethics Committee (successful applicants will be required to seek approval once they begin their PhD programme)



When selecting referees for your application, please choose those who can testify to your preparedness to undertake PhD research. In most cases this means academic staff with whom you have studied previously. Where relevant, referees from outside the university may be appropriate, but they should still be able to speak effectively to your potential to undertake research at a doctoral level.

We prefer referees to send their references directly to the Admissions Office by post or email. In the references section of the online form, please upload a document stating that your referees will send their references separately.

Post: Graduate Admissions Office, Queen Mary University of London, London, E1 4NS



Application Form

The application form can be found on the central Queen Mary website.

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